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A screenshot from the Hurts Like Heaven music video shows what 'paint spark' looks like.

Spoiler warning!
Secrets exist for a reason: to hide facts we do not want others to know.
Vital statistics
Title -
Gender male
Race misc. magica
Usual Group rebels of Silencia
Type light/music
Level -
Age about 8
Location Blacker Hideout, Silencia (current)

Orphanage, Silencia (usual)

Shinichi (of Mylo Xyloto) is the main protagonist.


His symbol is the Archimedean spiral (corresponds to Hurts Like Heaven).

Possible moves:Edit

  • pulse spark - Shinichi's sparks are special, as seen in the second chapter.
  • paint spark - the typical kind of spark (this one is light type, not electric!).
  • paint sketch - This is what created the handprint in the first chapter.


  • He is referred to as 'Mylo' by Shinichi. Speculation about the story says that Mylo is the girl of the couple listed in 'Mylo Xyloto' (the title itself), yet MagicConan14 has said that this name worked better.

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