According to description, this is what Kaito's wolfanoid form should look like.

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Secrets exist for a reason: to hide facts we do not want others to know.
Kaito (Steal the Night)
Vital statistics
Title -
Gender male
Race shapeshifter
Usual Group Mayu, Conan and him
Type electric (naturally)

electric/animal (werewolf/Eraser) electric/dragon (wolfanoid)

Level -
Age 16-17
Location Tokyo, Japan

Kaito originally was the protagonist of Magic Kaito and an antagonist of Detective Conan.


  • human
  • werewolf
  • Eraser (not frequently used)
  • wolfanoid (dragon werewolf hybrid)


Possible moves:Edit

  • dragon breath
  • flame thrower
  • fly
  • wing attack

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