The order of topics and sub topics a story or type page should go by.

Story pageEdit

  • where to find the story.
  • a summary of the story.
  • any spinoffs/related stories? List them next.
  • characters and their known types - if there are two types, list them with a forward slash in between them. Put characters in the order they appeared, and put a dash between the character's name and the types. Only the first name will do for the list unless there is a plot important name double up in the story.
  • trivia 

Note: for the spinoffs, when listing the types and trivia, put four hyphens, then list the information about the spinoff.

Type pageEdit

  • summary of the type's behaviour
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • possible moves - it is possible that some moves not used in the fanfics/stories have been listed. Do not remove them.

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