The order of topics and sub topics a character page should go by.

Section orderEdit

Character outline:

  • a summary of the character in no more than five sentences.
  • personality.
  • appearance - this one's harder for original characters because there are few pictures available for them, but do your best.
  • history - background info on the character. 
  • relationships - a summary of relationships the character has. Note: only list the characters with which the character has had worthwhile relationships with.
  • Abilities and weapons - a list of weapons/abilities/powers the character can use.


  • a list of appearances, in chronological order if possible. If not possible, then a rough chronological order will do.


  • a list of trivia about the character.
  • a list of special notes about the character, eg. the White Knight's form, and therefore type, changes depending on time of day.

Notes about character pagesEdit

  • If there are multiple instances of a character, put the name in the title, then put the specific instance (title of fanfic/story) in brackets after the name.
  • If the character from Mylo Xyloto, thre should be a 'Symbol' section after the overview. It should say what symbol they have (if applicable) and which song on the Mylo Xyloto album corresponds to the symbol.
  • There should not be any surnames in the page titles unless a surname different to their canon one is used/the character is an original character. Westernised names should be used if the character page does require a surname eg. Shinichi Kudo instead of Kudo Shinichi.
  • Also, the names as referred to by canon should be used, eg. the name "Rachel" would not be allowed for Ran unless referring to a Ran duplicate which has been called "Rachel" by the fic.

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