Fight types are renowned for physical strength. However, there is some strategy involved with magica battles, so the fight type may or may not be a hindrance, depending on the situation...

The symbol for the fight type is a boxing glove.

Strong against: normal

Weak against: psychic

Possible moves: 

  • stomp
  • body slam
  • sleep dance
  • dizzy punch
  • rhythm tapper - requires the user to hit the opponent spontaneously. It may or may not be accompanied by music (but if used with music, then the punches deal more damage).
  • aerobang - (flying/fight) requires the user to fly (by some method), then land a tackle. Name is a pun on interrobang.
  • kickdown - (light/fighting) the user jumps into the air then kicks the opponent. If powerful enough, causes an explosion. If it doesn't land, then the user gets hurt.

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